“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good”.  ~ Dr Seuss.


‘Story Dice’ from YUMI is the magic that happens when you combine the limitless potential of kids imaginations with the transformative power of the iPhone and iPad, to put the fun (and creativity) back into story time.

Roll Your Own Adventures.

Story Dice are magical 3D dice that depict fairy tale characters, fantastical creatures and objects! 

Shake your device, the story dice tumble, sparkle and bounce realistically, and the images rolled can then be arranged in over 10 Million ways, allowing your child to create an almost endless variety of original fun stories!



Magic you Say?

Story Dice is a unique story-making app that kids of ALL abilities can use, but we didn’t stop there… it’s also an open-ended world where you are free to explore and play with ideas.

Touch a Story Dice and it magically transforms into the thing it represents! Launch a Rocket, hatch a fire-breathing dragon, build a house. Every Story Dice contains 3D toys that can be played with to bring your story to life!

Heaps of Fun - with a side of learning. 


Story Dice encourages kids to unleash their inner JK Rowling or Speilberg by being the author, star and director of their own adventures.

There are no rules, no coins to collect or levels to complete. Story Dice is all about open play and creativity in a safe environment where ANY child is free to explore and play. It’s as easy as shaking, dragging and tapping the dice to make original, zany, fun stories, then using the built in tools to record and share your story with friends and family!


ANYONE can Play!

At YUMI our goal is to empower all kids to reach their full potential and so Story Dice is designed to be enjoyed by ANYONE. There is no requirement to be able to read or type, just roll the dice and you're on your way, and because pictures are a universal language Story Dice can be enjoyed by little story tellers worldwide!  

Story Dice also supports Apple's iOS Accessibility features including VoiceOver and on-screen text in multiple languages! So if you are non or minimally verbal Story Dice will speak for you. You can even have a blast using Story Dice as an opportunity to teach a child (or yourself) a new language! It's realmente increíble!! (Really amazing :)


YUMI (YOU and ME) 

Fun and empowering for kids, Story Dice's true potential as a game-changer really shines through when enjoyed with a friend or parent. Instead of reading a bedtime story TO your child, imagine creating a wholly original story TOGETHER! In addition to being a unique way to encourage kids to use their imaginations (and screen time) to make something, we're also hopefully providing a small space in the lives of busy families where by playing together kids and parents create shared experiences and long lasting memories! 




Roll the Dice

Story Dice uses the gyroscope in the iPad and iPhone so when you shake it the story dice react just like real dice! You can play in portrait and landscape orientations, and once installed you don't need internet, so you can be creative anytime anywhere.


Screen Recording

A good story is even better when you share it. The Record button records your voice and all your on-screen play. Tap the button to record your story and save it to your device, or  share it with friends and family by email or on Facebook.



Story Dice is highly customisable and expandable. With 100+ characters, creatures and objects built-in, there's literally MILLIONS of stories at your fingertips - with more sets being released each week! Explore the different themed sets, and adjust settings including the number of dice, and enable options including VoiceOver and languages.


New Game

There's a million way to play Story Dice.